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Game Trivia Catechism
by Thuyen Nguyen
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READ BOOK Game Trivia Catechism


Having left his quiet hometown of Arkline Falls to live it up in the big city, Al Oakenbrand unexpectedly receives a paid ticket from his cousin Sally to come home. The real purpose of his trip isn't made clear until Sally surprises him with an entry into the King of Game Trivia Tournament, a battle of knowledge for all things video-gaming. She has a plan and wants him to fulfil it: win the tournament, claim the $10,000 grand prize, and give her half the money. Al agrees for the fun of it, but, when he finds out why she needs the money, playtime is over, and things get serious. Can Al do what it takes to win while keeping sane amid Sally’s demands?

Game Trivia Catechism is a fascinating journey into the video game culture for gamers and nongamers alike, an exciting story of competition steeped in the world of video-gaming history and lore.




















Game Trivia Catechism Thuyen Nguyen

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Thuyen Nguyen


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